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Graduate Credit Screening Committee


Schedule of Meetings


MLP Submission Due                              Meeting Date                                       

                               September 6                                         September 10


                               September 27                                       October 1           


                               November 1                                         November 7                               


                               November 29                                       December 3


                               January 3                                             January 7


                               January 31                                            February 4


                               February 28                                          March 4


                               March 28                                              April 1


                               May 2                                                   May 6


                               May 30                                                 June 3






All submissions for course approvals must be made through the My Learning Plan (MLP) database.  All submissions on MLP must be received by the Friday prior to the monthly meeting in order to be placed on the agenda for that month.


Send all transcripts/course completion forms directly to Debra Legato in the Human   Resources Department.


Direct any questions to your building committee members:


                        Randi Ackerman                                 Nancy Ferrari

                        Linda Arko                                         Greg Heald, Chair

                        Beth Crescimanno                               Bruce Thompson