Sean Kennedy
Delegate to NYSUT/AFT
Vice Chairman of the Welfare Fund

Pauline Quinones
Executive Vice President
Delegate to NYSUT/AFT
Membership Chair
Vote Cope Chair

Jeffrey Cerar

Elizabeth Weiden Philipbar

Seth Altman
Vice President: Secondary
Delegate to NYSUT/AFT
PIP Chair

Ellen Conn
Vice President: C.T. A.
Delegate to NYSUT/AFT

Susan Sniffen
Vice President: Middle School
Delegate to NYSUT/AFT

Francine Frey
Vice President: Primary

Lauren Reid
Vice President: Intermediate

Diane Frail
Vice President: Clerical

Janine Gibney
Grievance Chair
Negotiation Chair
Delegate to NYSUT/AFT

Arlene Rasulo

Mark Creiner

Liz Kelsey

Through advocacy and democratic representation, member engagement, solidarity, and collective bargaining, the Yorktown Congress of Teachers works to champion public education, ensure social justice and equal access to opportunity, promote student achievement, and maintain high quality working conditions for the benefit of our members, our students and our community.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: from the Welfare Fund